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Readings and Magic Works

 Clique aqui para Consultas e Trabalhos em Magia - Texto em Português.

Worldwide works

I have a lot of experience working for people around the world. 

Contacts only by email! I will not respond to Messenger. I don't use WhatsApp. Don't ask and don't insist. Talking to me about your problems is always a formal service and therefore a paid reading.

Readings and Magic Works

I'm an occultism writer, sorcerer, ceremonial magician, and formally "Doctor Honoris Causa" in Parapsychology.
My readings are very different from what people know out there.

My job is for counseling because I myself had so many times needed guidance and not just simple divination. 

There are many areas, spiritual doubts, relationships, business, desired or unexpected life changes. Which way to go? Which options are better or what can be behind each one? These are just some of the ones we deal with. 
What I do is not that common cartomancy or divination that you can find anywhere.

I work to present suggestions and teachings, the results of my personal experiences in the personal, spiritual, and professional areas for decades. I have experiences and learning in areas that few have had. My wish is that this helps in the evolution of people.

Readings by e-mail

The readings by e-mail and are in English or Portuguese for native speakers.

These are the appropriate readings for requests for new magic work activities.

My texts tend to be very long. The result will be sent to you in PDF format that can be read on any computer or smartphone.

I do two types of readings by e-mail:

The Standard Tarot/Oracle reading. 
This is a reading for the subjects of your interest. It is more objective and I will be exploring in detail your questions as well as suggesting things you can do or study for yourself.

The  Tarot/Oracle reading comments on Numerology aspects. 
This reading is intended for self-knowledge first of all. I will comment on your numerological aspects of date of birth and this works as a map for your life.
It is also a great option when we are looking at complex magic cases that are closely linked to one's lifestyle, way of relating to the world, love relationships, friendships or even business, etc.
In addition to this mode, when appropriate I can comment on which aspects of your personal numbers are acting in some situation and why. This is a job that usually gets very large and is unique for each case.

Angelic Candle Service

This service is to lit a 7-day candle oiled and consecrated to the planetary angel for your case with a specific ritual.
It will be lit at my altar with a prayer to the angels for your need.
This is proper when you need a prayer to empower some area. 
Each candle is for the corresponding planetary ruler and will be lit on the day corresponding to the angel. For information about the angelic and planetary spheres read the article: "Anjos e Esferas Planetárias – Algumas notas básicas". (Portuguese text)

Note: This service does not include Tarot reading or guidance. It is you who chooses which planetary sphere you want to work with. If you need guidance from me, it is mandatory that you request Formal Reading by email.

Works in Magick

Possible activities in the area of ritual magic will be at my own discretion, only with my evaluation of your case upon formal reading by e-mail. Request the Standard or Numerology option.

Note that the reading is to analyze the situation, therefore:
When you analyze the situation, this is already part of the solution as well so you will be clearer about what needs to be done.
All activities in magic are evaluated on a case by case basis so it is impossible to have a fixed price as it would be unfair to people.
The purpose of the consultation is to evaluate your case, provide guidance and even better alternatives. Only then will I propose suggestions.

Attention: There are many cases that do not need magic, this is my first reason to require a reading. So many times one can do things for oneself, in which case I will advise on what to do.


I do not accept students. 
If you need guidance for your practical studies in magic, think about this as a normal consultation and in this case, the consultation will be exclusively for the requested subject and limited the amount of information equivalent to what I can present in a normal one-hour personal conversation. 

About Pacts

I don't make pacts and I don't guide "how to" under any circumstances.
Don't insist or ask for "tips" because I won't answer.

Exclusively for existing pacts: If you have already made a pact and need other things, or have problems due to this, so. exclusively for those who have already made a pact and maybe are having problems (which are usually immense), OR need to deal with the situation (again, a sign of many problems) in which case request a formal reading that will take up all the reading time so I won't comment on other matters and I won't tolerate abuse. And if you need my intervention in magick, the budgets will be very high and I won't do charity under any circumstances.

Response Time

The response time for e-mail readings begins the next day after the Bank has confirmed payment and I have received your personal data by e-mail, I will usually respond within 3-5 business days. Some serious cases may need additional time and I will notify the customer. 

Gilberto Strapazon
Sw. Prabuddha

They say "God writes straight with crooked lines".
But who says that must be ugly?

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