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sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2022

Melhorar financeiramente requer trabalho


O que fazer para mudar e melhorar sua vida profissional e financeira? 


Esta é a grande palavra. 

Resultados só ocorrem como fruto de algo feito. 

Magia pode ajudar abrindo caminhos, ajudando a que se percebam oportunidades. 

É isto que a magia faz! 

As vezes são necessários primeiro limpar e afastar energias negativas e obstáculos, fortalecer a pessoa inclusive nos aspectos pessoais para o qual a magia angélica ajuda muito também e tantas outras áreas. 

E aí as aberturas de caminhos e também para isso, procurar ajudar a que tenha melhor percepção das possibilidades e usá-las melhor pois na magia trabalhamos muito com o aprendizado pessoal, tornar-se alguém melhor e por isso é preciso observar em quais áreas a pessoa precisa se desenvolver melhor, como pode se aprimorar e dessa maneira ajudar a si mesma. 

Assim, sempre é necessário ter por onde as coisas aconteçam, o que chamamos de canais de manifestação. 

Então se tem algo por fazer, faça!

Magia ajuda, mas você tem que fazer sua parte também! 

Tantos nos procuram esperando milagres e por isso é necessário uma Consulta Formal para avaliar sua vida, sua empresa e o que poderemos fazer em seu favor. 

Porém isto também vai requerer a sua participação. 

Não vai cair dinheiro do céu com a magia. 

O que buscamos é abrir caminhos, orientar no que você mesmo precisa fazer e assim usar bem as oportunidades que vão trabalhar para que ocorram. 

Mas lembre, tudo começa por você mesmo. 


sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2016

Business Lunch or a Free Reading Can Be The Same

Time for Business (to some this is what you valuated for)
Art by: Ry Ry Pie Mcfly - Australia

Business Lunch or a Free Reading Can Be The Same

Be a business lunch or a meeting at some bar. I have not seen so much difference. 

I liked a lot the following article as this apply to my professional work as software professional for decades the same way as it happens often working at the occult.

It’s wonderful a good talk with closer friends and the good colleagues we do in life, I say, the ones you are often sharing experiences are always in that closer group all of us have, the valuable ones who shared lives and sometimes help at our needs and we are glad to help too always. Such ones are the ones who deserve and have full merits, we may even have rare contact but they are priceless.
But not everyone is in that list. Oh, you are one famous at you social group? Bullshit. There are a lot of people who we not used to talk often, just some rare contact here and there. And the ones we never talk. 
And what’s happens? Just someone you had rare contact or never talked or had a rare message here and there, came at once claiming why you does not reply fast at messenger and want just asking for free readings and guidance’s at first messages in Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. 
Anyone who work on computer’s area or occultism learn fast that happens often. Some are very rude like citing money is no important, spiritual work must be free and some even want your personal phone number to call you in the mid of night! Usually such ones who say money is not important have a lot and only want free work. Just spiritual parasites or company’s opportunists. 
Others try a sweetie talk at first phrases but suddenly present their real intention asking about an Ex-boyfriend or about how to deal with some complicated high value business matter at their companies or whatever else. Uhm, a Us$ 12 million transaction is never the same as a personal question to deal. Hey? Business talk is business, never but never a personal question and for sure not the same price! I remember someone who really deserved six months with a bad broken leg because that. I just refused to accept the energy they tried to put over me, so that bounced back. For free? No ways! This one more reason we ask a bill to work. If I accepted that cited, it would be my broken leg. Got this? We pay together when accept a work. Dot. 
As about most of other topics you have to think about how much at least a psychologist or a lawyer will bill you for many months. What change is the time we can solve things, not miracles, but each area work in a distinct way. Moreover, that means it is work. Dot. 
Hey, can you fix my company software computers problem for free? Hey! There are public forums where people are voluntary, so do your homework and go there and be respectful to wait for someone who have the time for a suggestion. As any forum, that is voluntary work, learn to be respectful and never expect for a miracle. 
But if that is a private work, one to one, then is easy to realize how often that often need dozen hours just to get what the problem is. Plus a lot more of years of experience to know how to deal with it. If that such ones acting like parasites does not get this, would be better if they jump from a high cliff. 
Disclaimer: I’m not promoting suicide, this is a suggestion to such ones just disappears and let the good ones act.  
To be clear, in the spiritual aspect, suicide never but never is a good act. Better to accept your suffering and work to solve it. At the other side things will be very worse for a suicidal.
Ok, we know life is not so sweet and there are predators and opportunists anywhere. So there are the human predators and we have to learn to keep them at place.  

So, back to the business lunch or a friends meeting in a bar. 
That is a lunch or a bar time, to meet someone, have a good talk and so.
If you want to talk about business, be clear about that. This means to be respectful. What kind of work you expect to receive if you act like a parasite? Be sure that will be very uncomfortable very fast but we know, opportunists do not pay a fuck to be just asshats. 
I had a lot of such calls too. Like a sellers representative of a major computer supplier just trying to get corporate info going to someone even asking for a free source code copy of a Us$ hundreds thousands software I developed for clients who have a giant debt with me. Yes, they try.

At the other areas I work, things are not different. 
Hey “buddy”, I’m at city tomorrow so come meet us to that (a fashion high price) bar at nigh to a party and to talk because I have something (a gift) to you (some people don’t know how to use mail). Like the following article, the bar was 35 miles away, more than one hour driving because traffic, I was expected to pay my bill and… glad to Facebook that show “Mister X replied to N”… I saw messages at other profiles from many other people at the same group like… “hey, very good HE will be there, I have a lot to ask about my problems. He will came with the Tarot cards too?” 
Oh, just one more invite for a bar to do free readings? I was sure before anyways as I have my vision, but just fuck that deserved what was coming. I tried to comment more, but, that one as many others, are happy to buy luxury personal itens found to pay a reading too much. Uhm, that was  too much? Be sure many times that can be a fart in the wind for the times coming but I won't be stupid to say that for free and receive the bad energy to myself. No way! Sorry, as cited sometimes serious business talk means business talk.  
Sorry, in the past, I went to many places like a bar where I even did two dozens numerology readings very specific just to promote my work. An idea from a press guy who I love, but in practice, I had to pay my bill all the times and that never resulted even a client. Zero. 
Same reasons to stop to do personal readings. Too often that became something like a gossip session. I work to people around the world so I can be very objective at what I'm doing.  
And when things are at software area, the place for that is at the office during daily work time.

The ones who valuate what you do will be happy to pay you the same way they are ready to buy a nice car, a jewerly or something else. 

There are the “sweeties” women I found. They called me… Hey, let’s met at such (very good) restaurant (but I would had to pay both bills…) because I like to talk about occultism... in practice they had a problem with an Ex or something else. Just opportunists.

Going to a nice example, I remember a client from another city long time ago, who became a closer friend, she and her husband was directors of a company’s group and replied me once as an offering I did for a discount due their time with me: “No discount. My friends pay me”. She used to refuse discounts. Few companies do that. Wow! We know you are doing more than full work, so keep full price! That is rare. And she often pointed my work to other companies just because she was satisfied. A nice person. Be sure I used to do anything for a better work to her company. 

This remember people who contact you and offer to pay with “references”. That’s the most complete bullshit. Some few invited me to a bar, and even paid the bill. But asked everything about any areas you can think related to their top business. Uhm, I found better bill for my work and pay my drink.

I’m talking about more than three decades of experiences just to be clear if someone got offended.

People who does not respect you and does not respect your time and work NEVER are a good reference. They are ready to pay for a plumber, the phone company, a fashion shoes, whatever. Not for you. 
Keep away and save your time. As cited before, decent people and my friends know I have a life and family too. 
Just to give real credits, as I learned to give thanks for the good and also the bad experiences. I had a lot of results from free work I did for “references”. Guess what? First, that does not paid any of my bills. Second, they always pointed to more people (who had a lot of money too) and also wanting free work. 
So adding to many others people experience who also know such famous ones, that means nothing. Oh, are you famous and want anything for free? You are just one more shit. Be sure such ones are just parasites and will add nothing and even won’t accept if you cite their names as clients. Dot. 
The good ones are good seeds for a better harvest. The bad ones, uhm, they are just solid rock groud, nothing grew there.  

So do me a favor, before being rude with a professional, call the plumber to fix your old house problems (materials included) and say him it must be free. 

At this article, Lyz Rian once more time show very well how important is self-respect as only the ones who deserve you, will get you. 

Here the original article I’m commenting and I wish you read it and many of the others she posted. 

Lyz Rian is working seriously at HR area to help making people and companies better and here once more time she presents great comments to learn: Five Ways To Be Rude And Unprofessional At A Business Lunch.           

Wish you get more form her articles too as we are at XXI Century and is time to better humans relationships and companies acting better.

So, please, do not ask me for free works, be respectfull, that is my job too and you have the link for readings and works here!


domingo, 17 de julho de 2016

Memory versus Learning

Memory versus Learning

From times to times I meet someone who is very proud to know by head a lot of information.

But how much this is usefull?

This is an article where I do a mix about corporate software development and the occult study areas as I have told for some years, I found my work to be a whole at all.

Ok. If your company dislike because I love to walk at mountains and nature places there's no problem. People have personal lives. And my work as any other professional worker is what I do for life and to help companies growing.But personal interests are not of your business most of times and we observed any skilled talents in the market have other areas of interest to add to their experience and skills.

So we have a lot of information we receive in life, plus all training and experiences. This is what make us reach levels of expertize and being able to solve our work needs.

So there are many levels. Some will do only the basic, others will be able to work alone, others will be able to create and to do. Some others will lead and teach others. And few will reach the "wisdom level".  Each company need all of them.

I fully agree with this quote cited as being from Einstein:
Never memorize something that you can look up.- Albert Einstein"
Here is the comment about at the site Brightdrops:
"This is more true today than it was back in Einstein’s time, because the Internet means you can look just about anything up. That frees the mind from having to memorize useless facts and figures and explore deeper thoughts that require creativity and imagination, two things that Einstein prized above all else. It’s true that even some of the most successful business people followed this strategy. Henry Ford was once questioned about how smart he was and retorted that he could get the answer to any question with just the push of a button, so why did he have to know it?"

My comments:

For sure at school and university and some level exams you need to know for each area, a lot of information. 
And for times ahead, for example, if you chose an area like Medicine. A doctor must know a lot of principles related to so many areas and be able to identify the most symptoms as fast as possible.

One way to do it is often review your study and reread even old books. Our memory is a machine and need be oiled, Ok? So is very good to add new material, but also give a look even at some very basic materials. And as a book lover, I had many old books I reread sometimes.

Uhm, well, that is what we expect from most doctors and the really good ones can do it. 
But not all times. The purpose is to understand the information you get and develop your own expertise.

With time you have to be able to know how to use it. Keep what is important, have the main principles and understand what is needed to develop it.

Even the character Dr. House from the TV series who was really brilliant needed to search for information. 

My "uncle" Mr Spock was so brilliant but many times had researched for information too. Star Trek fans will remember he was too often at the computer researching, but other times at his personal place meditating and working on yourself.

Ok. There are the information needed and at what is needed to know about to deal with it. 

To me, the important is not how much information you can keep at mind ready to call it at once.

The important is if you is able to use it. To know how to use it!

Even some occult orders appears to pay atention to how much information you can have at mind.
Uhm, Ok, for sure the good ones have people skilled to just talk with someone and to be able to see who is who.

But what the difference this have to any professional area?

To me, none.
For companies, a leveled professional must talk with someone skilled for just few minutes for a match. No stupid basic school test as some still does. Most of times that is rude.

Sorry friends at any of such groups as I've been able to talk with any people at any of my work areas in respectful ways at all levels.

What some are looking for? 

I'm sad to comment, I had talked with so many people who work in a way to make sure their companies will broke soon.  They do not look for a wide scene.

Ok, about to know. A simple example: you may know how to do a very nice better barbecue? Great!!! Please, invite me, I'm a very bad at cuisine!

Anyways, I still know the theory about how to make the fire and the meat, but most of you just are better at the cuisine. LOL...

Yes!!! Just because I like a barbecue this in no ways means I have to be so good doing it!

Barbecue done in a typical south Brasil way."Churrasco".

Information is only data. Useless without the expertize for practice. 
A scholar is someone who love research. A scientist, some skilled software developers, a medicine doctor and many others.

And many scholars don't know all that information by head!
Get this? If you visit a scholar at work most for sure you will see a lot of books for reference opened around. Just for curiosity, now I have nine books plus printings and notes around me I'm using this week. Plus usually a dozen tabs opened at the internet browser for references I'm looking for. They will be back to the stand but next day I get more up the tables.
A reason we love libraries!

So well, why I became a writer?

For sure not because I know everything by head!

I use to say I become a writer because I don't like to remember too much things, no matter the expertise I may develop on it. 

And why? Just because I know where I can find the information I need.

I may write about computer development work, a fantastic fiction tale or something about the occult or my experiences on human development. 

What I really need is to know what to do. Dot.

Despite some capability to write since early age, my first formal article came to public only in 1986.

It was a ten pages article for for a local Computerworld journal (The DataNews Journal), about advanced software development of online systems (CICS/VS) for IBM mainframes. A high level technology and was ten pages at first. Wow! Guess how I felt! And the publisher did a lot on the Ads... LOL... 

But how I started that about writing? 
Just doing what I do almost all days since I remember. I always used to read a lot and was saving information and taking notes about my study. 
How many people goes to the bathroom with a 300 pages computer manual or an occult book? I was one since the 70s.  
And there was a lot of big books to study. Not only one, but usually a dozen each with 300-400 pages to read just for one area. And the need for practices few have did. 
Any  coincidence with occult area? Just to cite as you become better at some area, this will help to the others areas too. Need discipline and practice.

Computers to me always was related with the occult. And no mysticims about.  Just is something you need to go deep and try a lot, have errors and learn from that.

Both areas goes deep into realms with a wide knowledge to explore. 
And you can use your imagination to develop a personal method to work.

For sure I have a lot of processed information in my brain, but I have no memory about working only by head in life, but always working with all much I was using at time plus the need for references. 

And may be you do not know, astronauts who went to the moon had manuals to use all the time. They was real heros!
I remember to see photos of the Nasa people, all the team, doing trainings seated at the floor, not nice rooms, they was on extreme pressure and have to get the information as soon as possible, and put it in practice.
Just to remember, most of photos you will find about that missions had most seniors professionals, working hard, not only fashion teens as we see at many company profiles.

Apollo astronauts learning to survive in the depths of the Panamanian jungle.
Source: psyched4sport

Learning about the jungle is very related with many practical aspects of business. Are you able to continue despite the worst troubles?

So I found at some time, I had so many information collected to become an article and started to publish. This is how it started. Collecting notes. And I never stopped.

The result from that article was interesting. I received a lot of letters from all major companies in my country while my boss (who had a copy of the journal in his desk) tryed to ignore it because he knew my salary was not so good... (LOL...) and used to recognized me after being called due costumers... I was a big reference in the market that time....  
Funny but true. 

Ok, I was not after his aproval. The first is my own. And a hundreds of good ones had returned too.  

This have happened to my softtware professional area and at the occult areas.

Remember, I use to say I see my work very related to all these areas. Human kind evolution and computers.
Sometime we will have a development level very advanced. Many are just Sci-fi for now. 

I'm not against yours approval of this or that.

A main point if you have a work you know to be true and work for it. 

Not all people will agree with you. 
And many will question what you are doing in all possible ways. 

And the first way I point all times is: I'm not a scholar! I'm a practictioner! 

What your company pay atention for? To know or just only know the current fashion tool? 
To just obbey orders or have oppinions to create and make your company grown?

There's not much difference using tools from centuries or the internet fashion tools. 

You must to know what to look for!

Juan Manuel Fangio
A guy who really knew how to do it.

Sorry people, I won't appears in a chat and be ready to talk by mind an entire text from an old grimoire or whatever on technology. 
Nor I will be able many times to present by head a work about a computer software among dozens I've worked. But I can talk by myself at any time and if I have few hours to get into something new or not it may surprise you.

I work to learn and develop about how to do it at my areas!

I love Juan Manuel Fangio as a big example. 
This guy had not automatic machines. He driven F1 cars in brute. No computers. No fantastic machines. Just a man and the tool he chose.

This guy for life, until dead, received each week visitors, the best pilots of the world, and guess for what? Just because he was knew as being a Master in his work. The most famous pilots came into him to learn and give respect. In practice, he worked his entire life. 

I will repeat this to so company leaders: Juan Manuel Fangio was visited until his dead by people who came to learn with him how to drive. They never was against the tools. 

If you pay atention for the tools only, you are ready to become a looser

Like a company where they only goes after costs. They will broke soon for sure. 

Creativity, being produtive is the first. 
Never, but never about having some information by head. 

You must to know how to use it.. 

Any good pilot will be ready to learn and drive a machine. Get this company managers? A decent professional must know what to do. The tool is only the way we may use.

So I will be able to comment at instant about how things work. 
If I need a phormula, I know where to get it. 
At internet times we have lots of sources. One must be able to filter all bulshit, find the best forums, and for sure, look for the best authors and books. 

When it is some tool I have not worked, I will be ready to recognize what I need to follow on that. 

This is Learning. 

I don't pay a f*ck if someone only know the current computer software tool. This is not so different from dozens I had used in deep for years. 

Remember when Nokia had to admit they lose their creativity near to broke? Hummm?? I had an article in 2009 about intrusions on people life many years before that is a critical reason to loose profesionals. A senior manager commented in public article to prefer hiring a criminal instead a smoker so I had to comment about some human and company aspects. Real talents have a real life. But if your company chose a raper, a murder or any other criminal because dislike someone personal interest, well, pay the price and I really wish that won't affect your family. Or better, remember you have a family. 

And going into the occult, want to learn another Grimoire area? What you need to follow? The Great Art is also named The work of God. This means standarts to follow, discipline, brain work, not became a saint, Ok? 

Why real good creative people does not want to work at your company? 

I suggest you to read this fantastic Aaron Shapiro's article, and it is very up to date to any area where talent is needed: Why Digital Talent Doesn’t Want To Work At Your Company.

And if this is about occult, there are a lot to do, and I will follow that for the needed time.

Memory is good to immediate needs, like the ceremonial rituals you are working for many time. 

But just to know phrases by head never, but never is the same as to know how to deal with that. 

I'm always far aways from the ultimate goal,

But I'm always sure about what I want to do and with some decent idea about how it can be done and most of all, be ready to discover a new way for that!

Want to grow your business? Grow your mind!


sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2015

Seja Uma Grande Empresa!

Um grande carro, não, espera...

Seja Uma Grande Empresa!

É muito fácil ser uma empresa grande. Isto é só tamanho.

Difícil, é ser uma Grande Empresa. Isto é fazer a diferença.

A diferença entre conversar com líderes empresariais, diretores ou gerentes/supervisores, é que estes últimos, geralmente estão preocupados primeiro de tudo em segurar seu emprego. Segundo, em garantir seu dinheiro no final do mês. Terceiro, em ter uma boa aparência social.
Só os líderes, os que verdadeiramente estão no comando, se preocupam para onde vão.

Os outros apenas tentam garantir seu osso magro ao final do mês. Não tem outra expectativa além da própria sobrevivência. Infelizmente uns quantos, sem escrúpulos, apenas fazem isso. 

Para ser uma Grande Empresa, o verdadeiro líder empresarial vai buscar  o melhor, o extraordinário.
E não apenas palavrinhas baratas de um jornal qualquer, concordando com tudo, mas sim questionando, estimulando, incentivando para que saiam do lugar comum.

Os verdadeiros líderes, tem a coragem de enfrentarem até a si mesmos.

Não se ajuda uma empresa com métodos e planilhas milagrosas se o produto for ruim, os funcionários não conseguirem ser autênticos naquilo que fazem ou se tornarem apenas meras peças num joguete administrativo.

Empresas são organismos sociais, portanto, vivos. Pode-se aprender muito sobre administração, pesquisa, estratégias, etc. simplesmente indo para a natureza. Mas não aquela natureza esterilizada dos resorts e centros de turismo ecológico que mais parecem uma feira hippie organizada.
Deve-se buscar sempre que possível, o contato com a natureza bruta, que pode estar mais perto do que você pensa.

É fácil ser uma empresa grande. 
Difícil, é ser uma Grande Empresa.



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quarta-feira, 9 de julho de 2014

A Verdade! Copa 2014 - A Culpa é do Pessoal da Informática!

World Cup Italia
Foto: MrTiddleywinks

A Verdade! Copa 2014 - A Culpa é do Pessoal da Informática!

Está bem, não costumo comentar futebol, mas vou falar a verdade.

Apesar de alguns acharem engraçado quando falei da grande conspiração por trás da Copa do Mundo, que envolve muito dinheiro, política, religião, sexo, poder sem limites e a atuação silenciosa de grandes organismos internacionais e até dos extra-terrestres infiltrados, como os Reptilianos (sim eles estão lá) e dos grupos vindos de Nibiru (o Planeta X), tudo se encaminhou como falei anteriormente por alto nalguns fóruns de debates.

E o resultado é tremendamente óbvio. Publicarei mais nalgumas das revistas em que já participo como comentarista.

A culpa é do pessoal da informática. Sim, aquele pessoal da empresa que vive reclamando das máquinas tão velhas que precisam aparelho auditivo, da falta de recursos, dos sistemas de pelo menos de uns dez a vinte anos atrás e sem investimentos sérios.
Todo mundo entende que automóvel sem manutenção quebra. Mas os sistemas de informática da empresa tem que evoluir de alguma maneira sózinhos não é?

Sim, a culpa é dos caras da informática.

Claro que isto não inclui aquele geniozinho, filho do amigo do primo do chefe que tem um super-mega-equipamento, dois monitores de 40 polegadas 3D só para video games e porno liberado na madrugada e que sabe "tudo" de rede social.

Claro que a culpa tem de ser do pessoal da informática.
A seleção brasileira assim como qualquer empreendimento precisa deles.
Foi o pessoal da informática que sabotou.
Se o pessoal da informática ajudasse, como dizem os oportunistas, todas partidas seriam ganhas sempre. Que absurdo eles reclamarem da falta de recursos. Se o carro para no meio da rua porque está sem gasolina, é pura má vontade do pessoal da informática. 

Vejam, é uma situação comum, mas mais uma vez ardilosamente utilizada pelos ambiciosos que não medem conseqüências contanto que satisfaçam sua luxúria por poder mesquinha e vil.

E por quê é culpa do pessoal da informática? É óbvio, os elementos são os mesmos de várias décadas. São quase quatro décadas que vejo o mesmo e estudando os trabalhos anteriores, isto apenas se confirma.

Tantas vezes, acionistas e diretores, preferem dar maior atenção para alguns queridinhos que prezam mais. Muitas vezes os mesmos que causam o maior prejuízo com negociatas absurdas. Mas ainda assim, são mais queridinhos por algum motivo.

Aqui uma dica importante de negócios: A pior coisa é apostar numa boa idéia se você só tem uma boa idéia.  Cadê o plano B, C, D???

Então o plano único dá algum problema. O grande astro do queridinho do chefe.

Na verdade, o pessoal da informática tem duas dúzias de ótimas alternativas, mas nããããooo!!!  O pessoal da informática nem é ouvido e muito menos consultado. Ora bolas, pensam eles, todo mundo sabe que computador é algo mais milagroso que todos Mestres da humanidade juntos. É só aprender alguma sigla como "XML" num cursinho que o queridinho ganhou (foi mesmo é bater papo) e isto é uma sabedoria suprema maior que tudo. Computador adivinha qualquer coisa, tem telepatia, cura leprosos e cegos e caminha sobre as águas. Aqueles acham que milagre é fácil, não precisa ter fé, apenas gritar bem alto sua pompa.

Aí chega o momento. Ignoram-se as idéias e alternativas, os preparativos,  e na última hora, sem aviso, quando muito ao final do dia anterior, aquele que se acha o eleito dos deuses aparece de repente com uma mudança geral, para trocar todos de lugar, surgem de repente funções que nunca foram tentadas.
Bota o cara da direita na esquerda, desorganiza tudo e não admite que o responsável pela área faça seu serviço.

E o único teste obviamente será justamente em tempo real, numa situação que pode prejudicar mais ainda o empreendimento. Ou enterrar de vez.
Teste? Bobagem. Computador faz milagre e se não fizer, é culpa do pessoal da informática que não ajuda. Mesmo que o ar condicionado da sala dos servidores tenha queimado faz dias e todas carcaças velhas que estão lá dentro comecem a cheirar a queimado.

Foto: Dezeray - Tomrad Photography -Canada

Isto acontece nas mais diversas empresas, pequenas, grandes, "fashion", as que tem tecnologia atualizada (pelo menos nas matérias pagas), cadeiras decentes, onde o ar condicionado funciona, os salários são dignos e a equipe não é só de novatos, ou que trabalham enlouquecidos até pifarem e serem descartados. Acontece em toda parte. Com certeza é sabotagem do pessoal da informática.
Já comentei noutros artigos sobre o estrago que sofreram grandes fabricantes de tecnologia em situações semelhantes, perda de criatividade, má gestão, planejamento ineficaz.

Aliás, é bom lembrar, está prometido por mim faz muito tempo um artigo chamado "Por que os grandes talentos não querem trabalhar na sua empresa". É um trabalho já publicado internacionalmente e que terá acréscimos meus.

Na hora de tirar vantagem e jogar a culpa, não muda muito. Empresa pobre, empresa rica. Time grande ou pequeno. É tudo empreendimento e que precisa de administração decente.

Claro que ajuda muito a equipe, ter algum tipo de motivação. Falo de motivação de verdade e não de "tapinha de merda" nas suas costas quando os queridinhos se deram bem com seus trambiques e a equipe se ferra.

Vide artigo "A Turma da Arquibancada" que dedico aos que fazem por merecer, os que batalham por mérito de ideais verdadeiros. 

Mas o que vemos é que interessa mesmo é o resultado individual para os queridinhos, o prazo e a promoção da vaidade de uns poucos. Dane-se a empresa. Os planos ficam por meses escondidos na gaveta de quem vai se promover, já com a intenção de ser ganhador em qualquer situação.E faturam seu dinheirinho sujo.
Na hora do jogo, pressão e mais pressão. Obviamente os queridinhos gritam que estão sendo pressionados.

Mandam o chefe da equipe calar a boca e acatar a opinião dos assessores e consultores  que estão a serviço sabe-se lá quem, mas foram postos ali por algum motivo, quem sabe, ter certeza de que o plano verdadeiro vai dar certo.

Se por acaso o milagre acontece, a máquina não quebrou, mesmo com programas feitos com a tecnologia mais obsoleta possível, e ainda funcionarem de algum jeito, ou então a mais moderna tecnologia mas sem treinamento e recursos necessários der algum resultado, um golzinho individual no fim do jogo, mas que os oportunistas usam para fazer uma maquiagem... então, é óbvio que o resultado positivo foi obtido "apesar" do pessoal da informática.

Uns poucos ganham. E danem-se os outros. A champagne está garantida para os queridinhos. 

E aí o resultado. Os adversários chegam treinados, preparados, com uma tecnologia usada seriamente, investimentos e abordagem sérias. Valorização da equipe como equipe. E sem mudanças de última hora.
E o chefe da equipe deles não teve um machado no pescoço no último momento, apresentado pelos queridinhos e seus amigos.

Mas o treinador, digo, o chefe da informática seguidamente sofre isto, em tantos e tantos empreendimentos. E a equipe vai junto. Depois se a empresa é vendida para a rival por falta de criatividade, é porque o mercado pressionou muito.

Se o programa, digo, o jogo não funcionou milagrosamente, sem nenhum teste prévio, é claro que a culpa é do pessoal da informática.

Mas e tudo o mais que houve? Danem-se! A culpa é do pessoal da informática e pronto. Todos os outros, principalmente os queridinhos, estes não aparecem. Ficam posando apenas para as fotos bonitas e bebem champagne, independente to resultado.

Se você usa computador, é claro que sabe que a culpa de todos seus problemas é do pessoal da informática, aqueles malvados preguiçosos que não pensam no bem estar dos queridinhos, digo, da empresa, e que acham que merecem comer, vestir, ter uma vida digna. Bobagem.

Fui aluno do Luis Felipe nos anos 70 e por todas estas décadas, ele sempre me cumprimentou como a todos. E sempre fez seu papel. E lá ficou agora segurando o pincel.

Perdeu o jogo por que? Óbvio, o pessoal da informática é culpado por tudo.

E mais uma vez, o encarregado tenta segurar a bomba sózinho.



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