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sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2016

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis - Oração de São Francisco

"Paz e Bem".
Author: Dirceu Francisco Villa Verde Filho - Brazil

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis
Oração de São Francisco de Assis

A Powerfull Prayer For Personal Life and Even Companies

Sometimes I comment about St. Francis.

I see him as a great Shaman.
More than learning to talk with plants and animals, he was a master of the Elementals of Nature.

He became my St. patron when I received from His hands the initiation over the four elements in the 90s.

One night I was awakened to go to the meditation room and there were all that spirits and he was the one who presented Himself to guide the ceremony.
He was not a beggar as churches present. He was a very rich guy and able to deal with all the natural powers.

Just remember, before choosing the simple life, like the Gautama Buddha, St. Francis came from one of the richest families of the town and had all pleasures in life before. I say, all the pleasures. And he was a warrior for some time too, fights in battles, fun, sex, all that. He had everything before find he already had all the needed. 

I was already deep in meditation and shamanic practices.

So all previous workings joined and I learned to work with the Peace Prayer.

In practice, this prayer is very recent and was just inspired by His work. 

Some Uses To This Prayer:

I found it to be used as a kind of personal Alchemy practice

A simple idea for Alchemy is to change your dark aspects into gold. Spiritual gold. Or just what is bad into something better.

My first suggestion is to study each phrase, and observe how it is related to the many life's areas. 
It's not to repeat it. I strongly suggest you get all the meanings each verse has. 

You can use it daily, or even as a mantra to change your mood and opens up to the natural powers around you. 

This will change your point of view about what's happening in your life and to understand better other's points of view. And you will learn to feed on Nature.

How to use it:

The best is to be alone, but if not possible, keep quiet as possible.
But do the prayer using your voice.
Forgot telepathy. You must use your voice at any prayer as possible.  (or learn to shout in your mind).
Even if you are in public, even so, you can use a clear as possible low voice.

This is something a lot of people and magicians didn't get: spirits (angels, demons, saints, etc) do not divine what's inside your head. Yes, forget any dreams experiences you had. Here you are the one putting energy into your intent. So, use your voice, even at low volume.

The best way for any prayer is when you do it with a sound. No scandals need for sure. Even if you have to talk with a low voice do it.

Working for a more formal ritual:

Like any other spirit, bring a candle and talk with your voice "I"m offering this to St. Francis".
Put a cup of clean water aside.
You can use standard size to seven days size candles with the cup of water aside.
Then do your prayer. Repeat it three to seven times as you feel.
As I told, this is like a personal Alchemy, so I wish maybe you get a different mood just while you are reciting the prayer. As most works, this is natural, so let's it happens and enjoy that time.
Prayer is a communion time, so have your time.
With time, such practices become a time to be silent. This is just meditation. Let it happens!
Then follow your daily activities.

After a time, at minimum, one day, throw the water in a natural place, better it is like the grass of wood area on the need for water. Just feed the nature! St. Francis fed the nature ones, remember this, so your ritual must help those ones too.

Doing offerings:

You can do offering to St Francis too. But never before an asking except for the cup of water you give and return to nature after.

Your need must be on His area of work, to improve life, feed the needed, change darkness into light.

A good offering to St. Francis, in my opinion, is always giving a sincere thanks and doing hidden charity!
When you feel you got your life changed the way you needed, no matter the size of the results (as this always have taught), you can do an offering to His work in this way:

Fist be sure He is not the one to receive it. He needs nothing. St. Francis works to the humble ones and nature. He works with others. So your offering is to the ones He cares. 
Do an anonymous offering to the humble ones or the natural ones.
Do it as you can, and be sure nobody knows you are the one behind that. Charity always must be done anonymously

There are two main ways for that. To do by yourself or pay for what you are unable to do. 
I don't know how to sew, so I buy ready for clothes. And as I'm getting older, plus all I don't know how to do, some works I'm really unable to do, so I pay someone to do it. Then I choose people and pay well as these ones deserve and feel happy as they got a job. 
Remember, some people, even skilled and humble, maybe under difficult times. So please, do the right thing. As an example, (sorry, I don't like to cite, but work here), someone asked a shameless cheap value for a work I was sure to cost three times more. So by myself, I paid three times more and refused the original price. One of many. 

Please read this: to all people and anyone at magic/spiritual areas: Spiritual results it's not what you get. It's HOW you get it. The spiritual area is never, but never for opportunists!

Stick this: To be respectful of the spirits and the same way to get respect from them is the main aspect to get.

To people at the leadership at companies, this is something that will even save your business. Valuate who works for you!
At any of such events, that has to be like a sincere thanks. 

If you want to know about offerings, learn to evaluate what you receive and how people and spirits work. 

This is the idea, Uhm? 

So for some offerings for St. Francis.:

First, working: have a real care of your garden, help to clean up your local park, a riverside, make your place a better and nice place to anyone's life. 

Second, pay for what you can't do. Some people can't do the work due to a lot of reasons. So they use their money, and this means they had a serious effort to gain that money. 
Starting with very simple examples, like make water supply with bows to street dogs, help feed poor families, water the nature plants at a public garden or even do a needed cleanup at such places, help someone who deserve to pay the college, give some wheelchairs (and be sure nobody knows who are you), etc. 
Just make nature and other's lives beautiful without expecting a return! 

This is why for companies, public works when they promote it, really add nothing at the spiritual levels, as that is just self-promotion while their owner's life keeps bad. 
Charity always has to be in an anonymous way. Dot.  
The moment you promote such acts, even with photos of your "charity", that became the opposite. For sure, not Karma, just you are showing to be an opportunist.

For Personal Work:

The prayer is good to have strength in difficult times. To get inspiration about how to use your current resources to improve your situation. For family harmony. To have more clarity about your own life and to understand yourself more. For support and spiritual strengthening in cases of illness. To improve your mood. For cases of anxiety.

For Personal Work in Nature: 

Use the prayer to get in touch with the forces of nature and become more aware of the beauties of life.

For protection at nature. Please, do not try to hug bears! LOL...

Well, I had a strong spiritual experience in the mountains with a Puma so closer of my head to feed on me. But that was the only one in life experience. Do not try this! Such events happen was a fantastic spiritual gift.

As you recite the prayer to prepare and while you are into it, this is ideal for those who love nature and practice outdoor activities, such as trails in the woods (trekking), mountaineering, climbing, canoeing, exploration of natural areas, caves, etc.  

This prayer will attract into you the Nature Powers. Be sure. 
Regardless of your faith, this prayer works to change your soul and become like an invitation for the spirits and forces of nature to present themselves in all their wonders. 
For sure I can't guarantee you will see fairies, but with time, you will be in the mood. I'm glad for dragonflies, butterflies, and birds coming so close. And some wonderful events even in shining mountains.

For photographers who want to learn how to capture an instant of time. That is, to learn to perceive life in all its aspects and get the beauty of it. This means, to be able to get the beauty in life. For any artistic activity that deals with life. Painting, sculpture, music, dance, etc.

Note for Dark artists and some famous photographers of the sadness: In my point of view, you are not collecting life, you after the dark, sad aspects. You do money with sickness. That is not life. This prayer is one of the many ways to change what you do and get Light the day you wish to change. Won't say names as they don't deserve it. 

For the Work in Companies - Business:

The prayer is also for all who are in a position of command and leadership. Owners, directors, managers, etc. This will harmonize your relationship with people and especially
the environment as you work on it. You will even become a better boss as you bring light into yourself. With constant repetition, this will strengthen your spirit. 

Forget about to suggest this to someone at your business! 
This prayer is ideal to be recited alone, before going to business meetings. And if you drink 3 cups of clean water together, this also adds the aspects of the water elements, about intuition and Light needed to improve meetings and get the needed insights and better results. 

I already cited somewhere about the changes at a business meeting just by drinking 3 cups of water before a business meeting.  Don't be worried about the need to piss. Everyone knows the good part of a business meeting needs only 15 minutes.

For employees, it helps to have a better understanding of their role, to have better relationships with colleagues, and to neutralize negative perception in difficult environments. 

ATTENTION FOR COMPANIES: This is not like those methods some companies use a pay someone to talk about what you want. I'm not here to talk about what you want! This practice has to be totally voluntary, it can never be imposed by the company. That is, do it for yourself and only in positive cases, it can happen that someone became curious to know more, so in this case, only you can comment that you are using this prayer (or spiritual practice). But no miracles! OK? 
This is teaching through examples. Be yourself a good example and over time, the very good energies of nature will work.

For Magicians, Sorcerers, Witches and Shamans Work

St. Francis as a Shaman, became one of those spirits with a powerful Egregore to work with. 
Forget the church aspects of the poor. 
Call Him and you will find a lot more. 
Nature and people have needs. To be poor is not the same as having nothing, BUT that means to live with what one has.

St Francis works great as the previous examples, but He is also a great source to learning, guidance and helps when you have to deal to get Harmony and Healing in the previously cited areas. 

It is very interesting the way he will work to bring such results too. 
So you can evoke Him for help in the needed areas. Not like St. Expedite, but for human evolution as the main aspect.

Some information found on the internet: 

The Origin of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis from: The Origin of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis by Dr. Christian Renoux, Associate Professor of the University of Orleans, France.

Original Text of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis: (French)

Seigneur, faites de moi un instrument de votre paix.
Là où il y a de la haine, que je mette l'amour.
Là où il y a l'offense, que je mette le pardon.
Là où il y a la discorde, que je mette l'union.
Là où il y a l'erreur, que je mette la vérité.
Là où il y a le doute, que je mette la foi.
Là où il y a le désespoir, que je mette l'espérance.
Là où il y a les ténèbres, que je mette votre lumière.
Là où il y a la tristesse, que je mette la joie.
Ô Maître, que je ne cherche pas tant à être consolé qu'à consoler,
à être compris qu'à comprendre,
à être aimé qu'à aimer,
car c'est en donnant qu'on reçoit,
c'est en s'oubliant qu'on trouve,
c'est en pardonnant qu'on est pardonné,
c'est en mourant qu'on ressuscite à l'éternelle vie.

Source: La Clochette, n° 12, déc. 1912, p. 285.

The popular English version: 

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.

And this "Oratio Sancti Francisci" from www.preces-latinae.org


Domine, fac me servum pacis tuae,
ubi odium, amorem seram;
ubi iniuria, veniam;
ubi dubium, fidem;
ubi desperatio, spem;
ubi caligo, lucem;
ubi tristitia, laetitiam.
O Domine coelestis, concede mihi ut ne tam petam
consolari quam consolare,
intellegi quam intelligere,
amari quam amare.
Nam in dando recipimus,
in ignoscendo ignoscimur,
et in moriendo ad vitam aeternam nascimur. Amen.

Peace Prayer of St. Francis
Art by Veronica Berglind - USA

Portuguese version:

In portuguese it's named as "Oração de São Francisco de Assis".

Senhor, fazei-me instrumento de vossa paz.
Onde houver ódio, que eu leve o amor;
Onde houver ofensa, que eu leve o perdão;
Onde houver discórdia, que eu leve a união;
Onde houver dúvida, que eu leve a fé;
Onde houver erro, que eu leve a verdade;
Onde houver desespero, que eu leve a esperança;
Onde houver tristeza, que eu leve a alegria;
Onde houver trevas, que eu leve a luz.

Ó Mestre, Fazei que eu procure mais
Consolar, que ser consolado;
compreender, que ser compreendido;
amar, que ser amado.
Pois é dando que se recebe,
é perdoando que se é perdoado,
e é morrendo que se vive para a vida eterna.


domingo, 29 de maio de 2016

Cybermagick Need Intent

Maybe in a soon future, we'll see the popular "Cyber Love Spell"?
Art: Cyber Girl

Artist:Ayya Saparniyazova - Turkmenistan

Cybermagick Need Intent

Alex Sumner in a recent article commented about Cybermagick: Let’s Do Cyber!
So there I was, lying awake at night, tortured by that most exquisite of agonies – “what the hell is Cybermagick?” And more to the point, what is the real difference between cybermagick and any other type of magick?

It’s a very interesting work, and I will try to do some adding my comments.
We still lack of a proper definition of what Cybermagick really means.
Technomagick? EletronicMagick?
Cyber means something “…relating to, or involving computers or computer networks (as the Internet)…” Source: The Merriam Webster Dictionary.   

So for now, I will follow with my personal idea:  
“Cybermagick as related to using computers to do magic(k)”. 
See this is in no ways related to the many magick areas nor religions practices, Grimoires, CM, Witchcraft, Chaos, ATRs, Candles, etc.
I think Cybermagick still is a bit far to become more than an idea to start for some usefull developments.

Art: The Matrix
by Daniel Prichard -Canada
For now, all that is just data source for information and the cyber level, including internet, is really very basic on that. The way data (information), images, sounds, etc. is registered still use a method of translating that into "bits", just eletric energy alternating from 0 to 1 using a media like a hard-drive, pendrive, memory chips, etc. Multiply this by billions, billions, and all you will see is a giant big mess of 0s and 1s mixed. That famous image of data moving in the movie “Matrix” is really just poetic. That need a program (software), developed by humans to all that make sense and to execute something using that as grouped “patterns”.
And shit, please, we got bored at the most extreme point about newbies promoting debates about Matrix idea. Go back to Narnia and Harry Potter and 1001 Nights. That still is more advanced! IMHO for sure. 
Forget the high velocity of modern computers, which still are the same very basic systems used first in the past to control textile machinery. Just faster. I’m very serious about this. Go study.
I have worked developing software since the 70s and in magic/spiritual study and practice near same time. Therefore, I use to say I have a personal interest in the Human X Computer development and is interesting how many a company and human kind is related to that.
In addition, we are faraway of what the Star Trek's computer was able to do, like to process an entire solar system data in seconds and present information like "that are a planet M-class with current civilization level". But think for a second and that still is just a machine processing data. Yes, even Star Trek computer does not do magick, and even with our beloved Mr. Spock with all his Vulcan Mind Power capabilities working on it. Just to remember, Vulcans was great at mind control, a kind of magick too in someway.  

Art: Parabolic Vehicle ofConception
by Adam Scott Miller - United States
So, as cited, what the difference for the Akashic Records? My personal experience going there is: the Akasha Records register everything, at all areas and realms. For some people, myself included, entering there appears you have entered in a kind of fog place, with partial symbols floating everywhere. This is why is good to have a target to go there, and this is the "key" to find what you want. Sometime one of that symbols may appear more clear and you "get it", like a door and enter in a complete scenario. Time, events, people, thoughts, everything is registered there. You may see events and be able to get the thoughts of each people there.
Computers are really far away from this.
Even the images you see at your computer screen are not the same as a drawing done with pencil and paper. This is why many people try to put seals in their computers and that works different. When it works. 
In practice, what is working there is mind and the magician intent. Not the computer. It’s the same to visualize a seal image, but without a drawing. The computer image in no ways can be seen as a valid drawn today. It may help you to remember how the image is, but it is not the true drawn seal.
In my personal opinion, this happens because the draw at the paper have already your intent registered. It became a tool used with energy to register the information of an intent! To magick, your pencil is a more powerful tool than any tablet.  
But the computer image, even if you put your own energy and have done it using some kind of paint software, still is a mess of 0s and 1s. To have a better idea, just look closer the screen, better if you use a magnifying glass. You will see the same at a TV screen: a lot of light dots. That is not a draw in the magic(k) point of view! Its just a lot of electric points.
Get this? You can see an image at the computer, but that still is not information.
So, sorry to my university teachers and IT colleagues, it is not really information. That data is something that "appears to be" information.
But to magickal use, information must be a whole think by itself.
This is what Cybermagick will last to happens for a time. I have my ideas about what human kind need to learn before reach that. For example, our civilization technology started with the wheel and the levers. Even software still use such concepts. That is the problem. This may evolve to the next level. But let’s keep so for now.
As I see, what we have working today, using “cyber technology” and there are some good examples, are one and other good oracle software and websites. But what really work there? The intent of the reader. Get this? A bad reader with the best of all oracle tools will not get a decent result. So, there are no cyber way to do the same.
What is really acting is the intent of the reader, his expertise and capability to deal with the tools used.
And intent is just the main power behind magick.
Magicians learn about working with "The Will". AC and others in modern times just made the word more popular.
Ok, there are already many works about but I like the idea. The problem is a lot of stupid people think “do your will” means the same as “do whatever you think”.
So think on this: you only have rights when you recognizes that others also have rights. So your “Will” start in the point where you recognize others also have a Will (even if unused).
Using your Will means you must be the true owner of your intent. But what most happens is people who are ruled by politics, religions, prejudices, partial personal opinions, society, etc. They are not using their Will. They are acting like parrots. A drugs addicted is ruled by the drugs. Religion can be a drug, politics is a drug, etc. It is not you, it is someone else point of view. This is the difference.
Ok, let us keep in the “intent”. This is the needed to work on magick. Have an intent and be able to work with it for some time. This is why so many stupid people are able to make the “evil eye”, and do it often. A very negative thing for sure. They may be stupid, but still be able to fix an intent for the needed time over a target.
If the current technology is not able to even register “information” in a more decent aspect, not just data, why expect it will be able to “act” or even simulate intent?

Art: Rainforest Residence
by Matthew Attard - Australia
People who have gone deep in Crystal programming learn they are able to keep and even do more than any modern IBM computer. In the past, IBM had good evangelists who was not just promoting what they have to sell, some was real visionaries. I really miss this. I have not read something decent from them nor have seem this company nor the other big ones with interest to keep such works. Where are the good visionary’s works? I say people who works daily for the future, not immediate cheap results. Current computer companies are doing and promoting almost the same we saw at the 80s. Just with better graphics. Anything since then is just processing velocity and really few creativity nor true development.
But crystals, for example, use another methods and currently also need personal development to be able to connect and understand the information the crystal can register and process someway accordingly with the specific qualities each one may have. Sorry newagers, forgot the fantasy aspects even if that are always good to make movies and fairie tales. This is a technology still faraway of most scientist’s research. Well, I’m sure some may be trying to understand about psychometry, is a starting point. But again related to “whole information” idea.
And psychometry ideas and methods can be one of many ways to develop in the future a working Cybermagick.
The capability to a computer (with its software) to connect with the whole information related to some event.
This is the point when we will see something really new start: connect to information and be able to deal with it.
However, remember, as commented, magick is based on “intent”. And how you learned and develop to made it.

To finish, in my point of view, Cybermagick will become true when such mechanisms become able to “make and act” on an intent using “whole information”. Not just the current mess of 0s and 1s, but whole information under an intent.  
Easy to think a clay done Golem or Thralls are still more advanced in the aspect of “act”. The problem is how they work with the information they receive, and here become another point, how to ask or command, reasoning and etc. Uhm, remember HAL 9000 from the 2001 A Space Odissey?



terça-feira, 24 de março de 2015

Um Dia Especial

Photo: Martin Lion and Sebastian Gypser

It's A Special Day.
40 years ago I started an endless walk.
The great journey of spirituality.
A curiosity through a book, produced in me the desire to find out what was beyond the illusion of reality in which we live.
I met some of the greatest wonders and darkness and what is beyond the abyss.
To all my beloved Masters and traveling companions, my eternal thanks.


É Um Dia Especial.
Faz 40 anos que eu comecei uma caminhada sem fim.
A grande jornada da espiritualidade.
Uma curiosidade através de um livro, despertou em mim o desejo de descobrir o que estava além da ilusão de realidade em que vivemos.
Conheci algumas das maiores maravilhas e trevas e aquilo que está mais além do abismo.
A todos meus amados Mestres e companheiros de jornada, meu eterno muito obrigado.



domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

Sucesso na vida e estar em paz consigo mesmo

Be happy

Foto: Ana (AlliDzi) - Poland

Sucesso na vida e estar em paz consigo mesmo

A esperança das pessoas muitas vezes reside no simples fato de querermos que outras façam por nós aquilo que não temos coragem (ou disposição) de fazer para nós mesmos.

A alegria do estar suavemente relaxado junto de alguém que se ama, ou estar atento ao canto dos pássaros, pode representar o ideal para alguns. Para outros, o realizável está ainda na área da busca do conforto físico, da busca pela saúde, no anseio de ter acesso à coisas mínimas e indispensáveis para a sobrevivência.

Como poderia alguém relaxar e contemplar quando sequer pode vislumbrar além do prato a sua frente?
De forma alguma, a questão da alimentação, da moradia, dos estudos, viagens, e todas as coisas do mundo material, podem ser consideradas como preocupações dos mais humildes. É uma crença falsa, explorada secularmente de que apenas os pobres ou menos favorecidos pela existência, assim como as vítimas de tragédias, sejam os atingidos pela aflição da falta de recursos materiais.

A qualidade das coisas está na maneira como as encaramos. Temos pessoas de bom nível de renda, com tantos ou até mais problemas do que aquelas consideradas miseráveis pela pobreza. A maior miséria de todas, está na incapacidade do ser humano em se relacionar com a riqueza, na separação dos sentidos básicos de prazer, de satisfação pessoal, de autoestima, de valorização de si mesmo como criatura evoluída.

Os humanos evoluíram como uma espécie que teoricamente deveria estar acima das demais, pelo menos neste planeta. Acontece que, se um rato de esgoto já nasce com seu próprio casaco de pele, porque os humanos, mesmo que em frente a vultuoso patrimônio, sofrem e são incapazes de abastecerem a si próprios com o mínimo necessário?

Desfrutar daquilo que se tem é a primeira e principal lei a ser observada por todo aquele que busca realização e independência.
De nada adianta acumular fortuna, se vives de maneira miserável. As pessoas incapazes de gastar adequadamente parte daquilo que ganham, de forma merecida e justa para satisfação e premiação de seu corpo, sentimentos e pensamentos, naturalmente experimentam de outras formas o que significa a retenção monetária.
O dinheiro é uma forma de energia, assim como os alimentos, as palavras, as emoções, as águas que correm livres. Um exemplo típico de retenção está na prisão de ventre. Gente miserável, o famoso pão-duro, isto é, que recusa-se a gastar (ou dar) o que deveria, normalmente tem problemas graves de retenção dos próprios dejetos (prisão de ventre). Um mau sinal, indicando também o tipo de pensamento que está retido, o estado emocional da mesma forma fica bloqueado. Lei de causa e efeito: a maneira como circula o dinheiro, indica como estão as relações emocionais. Economia nem sempre tem a ver com cuidados apenas consigo mesmo.

Gastos abusados também indicarão uma tendência a perdas descontroladas, tanto emocionais, quanto de líquidos do corpo, ou de amizades frívolas e sem sentido.

Tantas coisas diferentes apenas mostram as múltiplas faces da vida humana. Se permitimos que coisas novas entrem em nossas vidas, estamos permitindo a circulação da energia em nossas vidas.
Por que o universo vai te dar algo novo se fica te agarrando as coisas velhas?

Digamos que a energia venha do Sol. Esta maravilhosa estrela de onde teve origem nosso Sistema Solar nos dá luz, calor, prana vital. Esta energia vêm até nosso planeta, que é nossa base material. Recebemos a energia solar e apoiamos nossos pés na terra para podemos crescer. Assim como árvores que fortalecem e aprofundam suas raízes, devemos ter nossos laços com a terra mãe para poder elevarnos cada vez mais alto em direção aos céus, ao espaço. Experimente saltar para cima sem apoiar-se no chão. Será impossível.

Esta força é a mesma que nos fornece a vida, que nos indica a forma de agirmos em relação ao que recebemos e como podemos e devemos repassá-la, de forma a que tenhamos o verdadeiro proveito da experiência da circulação e ampliação da energia, seja ela qual for, tenha o nome ou a apresentação física, emocional, mental ou espiritual que seja correspondente.

Os relacionamentos, serão como estar com nós mesmos. Aquilo que tu dá para ti, é o mesmo que dá para os demais. Têm a mesma qualidade.

Observa a Lei Universal de Causa e Efeito. Lembramos dela por causa do famoso carma (que não é bem assim, algo a ver com pecado como pensam). Porém, a negatividade e a opressão de interesses às vezes externos, nos aponta sempre o aspecto destrutivo, a invalidação, a negação. O sistema te recorda continuamente que se fizeres isto ou aquilo, serás castigado, roubado, lesado, punido, agredido. Desperta! Causa e efeito vale para qualquer tipo de manifestação.

Recebes o fruto daquilo que plantas. Isto é o que está escrito. Se tens atitudes, gestos, pensamentos e ações negativas, com certeza receberá algum tipo de retorno também negativo para ti. Porém, quando ages, pensas, sente, compromete-se e cumpre com tuas manifestações positivas, com toda segurança terás resultados positivos.

Aquilo que tu plantas, podem ser ventos, discórdias, inveja, insegurança. Algo em que vais tropeçar mais adiante.

Mas se preferes plantar a semente de teus mais lindos sonhos, se divulgas atos luminosos, palavras positivas, atos construtivos, o resultado beneficiará a ti e, com certeza aos demais.

Recorda: para ajudar aos demais, deves ajudar primeiro a ti mesmo. Pela lei de causa e efeito, como pode ajudar alguém sem fazer primeiro por ti? Como pode amar ao próximo sem amar teu próprio corpo, tuas emoções, teus pensamentos?
E como pode amar o feio, o que houver de ruim em ti? É necessário evoluir.

A lei de causa e efeito funciona porque estamos enviando (dando) uma energia para o universo. Esta energia será revertida de alguma forma para nós. Portanto, tens que fazer por ti primeiro, caso contrário, agirás de forma falsa e mentirosa, mesmo que tua intenção seja outra. Simplesmente, estarás enviando cartas vazias para o universo. Como se fossem envelopes vazios. Tu tens que preencher estes envelopes com tuas mensagens, teus pensamentos positivos, tuas construções e obras.

E que são estas obras? Serão as realizações de tua própria vida. Quando te presenteias toda semana com algo para ti mesmo, algo singelo, como um doce, uma pausa para descanso, ou talvez, sempre que puderes, algo de muito valor, estás criando uma energia que será refletida.

Quando compartilhas com teus amigos a delícia de uma celebração pelo colorido de uma tarde ensolarada. Se buscas teus ideais e sonhos com verdadeira vontade de tornar-se vitorioso para que outros possam te seguir.

Se empreende dia a dia tua caminhada pela liberdade e queres que todos venham contigo, luta por ti mesmo, encontra a pegada certa, o apoio sólido, um caminho que te leve ao mais alto cume. Tudo isto será multiplicado pelo universo.

Alguns passos do caminho

Cada pessoa tem sua própria identidade. Busque tua própria verdade. Seja você mesmo.


Muito antes da busca pelo Nirvana, temos múltiplas opções.

Cada pessoa deve conhecer seu próprio corpo, seu funcionamento, sua alimentação.

Conhecer o mundo onde mora. Para conhecer teu ambiente externo, tens que te relacionar contigo mesmo.

Quando te relacionas contigo mesmo e com teu ambiente externo, podes então conhecer e explorar as relações entre as pessoas.

Quando compreendes as bases da amizade, do companheirismo, iniciam as relações mais profundas. Nascem as relações de família.

Da família, se origina o clã. Do clã familiar surge a vila. Das vilas vêm as cidades. Destas formam-se os estados e países. Um dia, deixaremos de ter divisões políticas (linhas no papel) para termos então verdadeiras relações de irmandade entre os povos. Como imensas famílias.

Neste momento, em que estamos próximos a outra mudança de milênio*, o que podemos fazer de verdadeiro quanto ao nosso mundo? Simplesmente ajudando pelo cumprimento de teu próprio papel, da melhor maneira que puderes. Com ações positivas. Cada pessoa têm sua missão, suas metas, seu fardo de tarefas a cumprir para o bem de todos.

(Nota: *o artigo foi escrito em 1997)

Se tu queres verdadeiramente evoluir, conseguir tudo que aspiras na vida, abandona imediatamente as palavras negativas.
Busca aprender a observar tua mente e transformar os pensamentos negativos de forma a que possas criar coisas novas.
Já se criou destruição demais.
Ajude da melhor forma possível que é a seguinte: simplesmente não crie mais coisas negativas.
Se não tens palavras positivas a dizer, simplesmente não fale. Simplesmente isto.
Uma boca fechada, é melhor que uma boca lançando destruição. Mesmo que te creias com razão, prefere o silêncio.
Nada se constrói a partir do negativo. Usa em teu próprio favor a lei de causa e efeito.

As pessoas não alcançam o que querem, simplesmente por não acreditarem que seja possível, ou por desmerecimento. Porém a luz do Sol está aí para todos não está?

Recorda sempre, que se queres algo com verdadeiro amor, com sinceridade, se o que desejas é justo, planta a semente da criação.

Tu mereces tudo o que existe no mundo. Se tu queres, podes. Se podes, mereces.