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About Me-English

About me

I'm an occultism writer, sorcerer, ceremonial magician, and "Doctor Honoris Causa" in Parapsychology.

I am known publicly in various forums as Gilbertopb (Swami Prabuddha). 

In the Computers technical area I started in 1976, I am a Systems Analyst, started writing professionally since 1986 for Computerworld Magazine, in the business area talking about advanced software programming for IBM mainframe computer systems and company management. I have participated for years on the board of a sector of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as a manager.

In the human areas, my themes are human life, spirituality, and magic. 
I have the same approach as most I do for companies for sure.

I am a normal person, I have no superpowers but only an interest in seeking a better life because I believe the universe is immense and wonderful. So I present myself normally just because I have the same kinds of problems everybody knows. I do not do the role of the super-guy like some self-promote themselves as super-well-resolved with their miraculous speeches.
I just had experiences that few knew, I went much more profound in my quest for evolution.

My whole life is oriented to learning and personal development, I try to go deep in what I do. When I comment on certain matters, it is because I have many years to decades of deep experience in that area, with good and bad results, but intensely experienced.

In my apprenticeship, I spent long years in various learnings and intense practical experiences, in which I found my personal path and my life goal which is to talk about energy and help people find and follow the ways of Love, Light, Harmony, and Prosperity and the communion with the great natural forces of the Universe, whatever their belief and religion.

The stars shine for everyone.

In these many years, in addition to schools of meditation from Orient and Latin teachings, shamanism, sorcery, etc., I also was or still do part of learning schools such as Freemasonry MM. '., Golden Dawn P+#, The Rosicrucian Order R+C, Kemetic (ancient Egyptian religion), and worked more than a decade becoming a Babalorixa at Candomble (great learning, but not my working area, so, for now, I'm just using the learning to help people).

In the technical area, I am a software developer, hence my interest in human evolution and technology. I have been a businessman and business association leader for many years as well. 
This gives me a view of the activities of people and businesses, which is why I am a contributor commenting on several tech magazines and websites.


Currently, I do not have time to prepare courses so please consider that if you really want to learn in the field this will be the same as private lessons through formal consultation.

I provide many learning articles here on the site and see my materials: 

Dr. H.c. Gilberto Strapazon
Swami Anand Prabuddha
.’. Fr. M.'.M.'. G# P+ ’.’


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