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Because some people ask for it, I collected some messages I received just for an idea the kind of feedback I use to receive from people.

The messages bellow came from clientes and other magicias who I respect a lot.

This cover a lot of years for sure, I just collect some year and there. Including a very recent with a note because its source was at 1999!

... I put my head on the pillow, I remembered you and your words. I do not know if it was just gratitude ...
... I want you to know that the affection that you showed me brings to this day (and forever will be like this) breath for my heart.
Actually, that's all I wanted to tell you. Thanks for everything! In my life, you made a difference!

...back in like 1999 - 2001 you gave me a mystic name.
Anyway I just wanted to say thank you.

(Message received at 2017)

Gilberto I checked you out a few years ago and found that you were legit.
If anyone else that I had not checked had posted what you had I would have been gobsmacked. I am merely amazed by that Angel's suggestion. It just proves, well perhaps just shows that Angels are still a mystery.

Yet I know plenty about Gilberto since he has been around on occult discussion forums for going on two decades if not longer. The cases and workings he's shared plus the rites and information he's gathered to share have all been solid, well researched and other practitioners have tried them.
I'd stand side-by-side with Gilberto against a horde of evil spirits quicker than I would someone like NNN. He has the knowledge, guts and experience under his belt. When you have done your due diligence, then perhaps you can speak with authority. But until then, watch how you speak to others here, especially older, wiser and far more experienced practitioners.

Great posts here. Free advice from anyone with experience, is always welcomed in my book. As someone who is just new to magic, I'm watching, learning, taking notes, reading, and attempting! Thanks for making this thread.


Anyways, that’s it, sorry it took so long (a year! ) to reply, but as the reading even said, I was still not ready to fully listen. Once again thanks to you for your help, and while I was kidnapped by some nasty stuff, something higher and of light was doing it’s best to show me what was really going on, so thanks to that entity, ancestor or force etc. Something led me to get the book Ritual Offerings, and to get a reading from you… quite literally the perfect person to bring light to such a situation as you yourself had unfortunately been in a similar one.
Once again, a serious thanks to you for basically saving my spiritual and material life via your guidance, it made a difference that would hard to quantify.

I came to make a thank you: 
I have learned a lot with your posts in the magic forum and also with the texts of the blog. I'm leaving the worst phase I've ever experienced and somehow this quest for knowledge comforts me.


The level of clarity & generosity you express in response to the questions of others, particularly novices, is something I have always truly admired. ... May the spirits of the land become the guardians of your haven, and the maledictions of your enemies fall to ruin before ever reaching your awareness.


...I 100% accepted what you said about my work and what I should change. So I did my best to change according to what you said. This work would never be like it is without you... I admire you so much. You are the great teacher. I will do my best to tell this to anyone I know, brother.


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