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sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2016

About This or That Kind of Magickal Method

Art: The Wizard and the Hare
By: Christopher Balaskas - United States

About This or That Kind of Magickal Method

Have been interesting days with many good debates around in the magick areas.
I suggest you to read all that as you want and follow the links and references to other's author's material. You will find a lot to study for years of good practice.

But uhm, sorry, I'm not on the mood to comment some things. 

I repeat often, I'm a practitioner, not a scholar. Glad and thanks they do such great work. It's their path. 

Some debates even appears just some old grump guys. I'm one too sometimes despite I'm being a lovely one Buddha with a sexy nose and full of Love for the Universe.

I follow my own path no matter how many books I read, study and practices. 

I can only speak from my own practice point of view, to keep walking and all the wonders that we can find on the way.
The great special effects happen in so many ways that most people will not believe it if we told how that really is.
Fantastic images? What about talk with a dragonfly or a mountain? Yes, one and other time, but sometimes just something that touches your soul so deeply that no visions can describe.

Grimoire mages, Chaos, Ceremonial Magicians, Sorcerers, Witches, K or not K... So many topics.
Whatever you do must be true and make sense for your true soul. It may touch your heart and so, with time you will be able to recognize the true on others as they have their own sense about what they do.
Where are your true soul? Is your Will really yours? 

There are many levels at magic/spiritual learning.

And that start having your human life in a reasonable level to suport it. Yes, this is not something to escape from life. Who pay the bills? 
Spiritual and magick learning will make you have a strong contact with your background first. 
See, this is not the same to give value to futile things, but to know all that things are there and how you feel and act accordingly. 

The spiritual/magick learning starts when you discover you just know nothing, then become curious and wanting to know more about, so moving to wanting to learn, starting to do the learning and keep moving despiste the high price until someday becoming to know something and only then going to know a bit and knowing there are more to know. 

This is the day when you deeply discover you know nothing. You have reached the starting point of your path.
Only then the learning and your own path start. From this point all others walkers will recognize you as being on the path.
That is priceless.



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