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quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2016

The Mothers of the Universe - A Spell Prayer To Help Innocent Beings

Do not mess with a mom!

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The Mothers of the Universe

A Spell Prayer To Help Innocent Beings.

I do not use to post spells, maybe there are one and other in the middle of some previous posts, but this is a good one to people who work to help innocent beings and related areas.

These days there was a debate about if witches use black magick or if any magician may use magick when needed.
In my point of view, I use magick against criminals. Dot.
For sure a lot of people use it for anything.
First of all, I’m not a universal ruler.
I’m a Buddha of Compassion.
But you will find even compassion is not infinite. Uhm?
Compassion is not the same as mercy and infinite forgiveness.
Some people have to be stopped in their actions so that they can take the time, whatever, to review what they have done and have a new opportunity to learn.
If someone strikes you on one cheek, show the other side and that is the side of the action. IMHO!
See, in my point of view, Jesus did not say that you should just be beaten.
If you have a better hand, this should be used.

A mother at heart adopting a puppy!

The Protection for Innocents

This is something I learned from Lucifer, Aradia, and Diana a long time ago, in 1998. 
That time I was on the need to protect children from very closer extreme sex abuse by her father! That was really bad and this way to work with Mothers of Universe came during a ritual and Lucifer showed me what to do.
It is one of the most powerful energies I have found to protect when it involves innocent beings. This includes children, pets, any animals, families, and even groups under extreme affliction because cruel people acting over them.
So, think this is very suitable for cases of extreme cruelty.  
In these cases, the source of the attacks are criminals or people who actually feed on the evil they do.
This includes all kinds of criminals, charlatans, corrupt ones, perverts, fanatics, etc. anyone who can seriously hamper their victims just by pleasure or just for feeding on evil.
People like murderers, pedophiles, some gangsters and charlatans, anyone who is really doing evil for the sake of evil, not just common “bad people” or disrupting ones. This includes the ones who will do big harm against people just because money or to get pleasure from what evil they do. 
As a note, this ritual can help against intrusive spirits attacking the innocent ones. 
Afrikan Wild Dog protecting the puppy.
Source: MTHSEcology

Mom Help Me!

Therefore, in these cases, you can invoke the help from "All Mothers of The Universe".
The idea is like follows: in the natural world, the most dangerous place is that between a mother and her puppy. Think a mother wild dog (the picture posted) and her puppy.
This works for any mother and her puppy.
So if you really need help against criminals, hard enemies, against those who are actually really doing wrong and evil, call the Mothers of the Universe.

You must be calling from the “right one's side” for sure.
Get this: you must be on the right one's side to deserve their help OR they will give you a lesson you will never forget. This is not a spell for the sake of evil and never but never just for compassion. They will claim “what is really right”. If you see a lioness mother forced to abandons a seriously injured puppy you will get the idea. Sorry, I have many cases.

Coming back to the nice picture, remember, you are calling “Mom” for help.
Even shouting "Mom help me!"
Because my formal family tradition, I always called first by the Holy Virgin Mary asking her to bring all other mothers together, but whatever your tradition, call the Mother you know more and ask her to bring together "all the others mothers of the universe" to help in the matter.

Use only a candle so it can be lit in your temple for a very personal case. 
Yes, I did it at crossroads too. 

If you think about an offering, always powerful at magic, the best of all is your sincere tears, and you can anoint the candle with that, your own sincere tears. And no problems if the candle is already light. Just put your tears at the candle.
When in need to help other people who live in another place, I prefer to go to a crossroads, or a place close to nature, like the woods.
Remember, the mothers are in all places, so you can listen to your intuition.
This is a work of Love.
If you are from the Catholic church it is Ok. Mother Mary will be glad to hug you.
Or at your Egyptian temple. Mother Isis (Auset) is full of Love to protect the children!
In the highest realms of nature, a mother is a mother and has an inner sense to protect any puppies!
Glad to TV and the Internet, you will found lots of material about an animal adopt and save a puppy from any of a different race. I will never forget a dog who adopted chicks puppies.
So this is a work to be done when the blood got boiling on extreme compassion, with a full heart and not being out of mind for sure.
Also, most of the time when I called for their help, for some reason I felt a deep calling in my soul, just a stronger need for it. And the resulting calling has been done really shouting as I got really furious and on the need for help from the Mothers. Well, there was the time when it was so urgent I found myself shouting for their help even at daylight with a lot of people around in the street.
Uhm, for sure use this spell with discretion. Not all people want to be exposed. However, where I live people know who I am, and with some talk, they understand I will not do evil at the same place where I will walk. 
To understand this is not an evil spell. It is strong protection that will even act to protect many others around. Each case is different. 

Just for a repeat, this is not something to use at any time. Be respectful. 
Nevertheless, when you feel deep in your heart the time has come, the Mothers will be with you.

I repeat, don't mess with a mother protecting a puppy!

The above picture is like the kind of results I always had seen!
And this is the same result I have seen using this prayer.

Thanks to all Mothers!

18/03/2016 due to extreme learning in 1998. 



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