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sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2016

Love: How To Disconnect Emotionally From Someone

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Amor: Como se Desconectar Emocionalmente de Alguem

Note: This article talks about Love, but most of this material applies when the person got trapped due feelings like passion, lust, friendship and even any personal relationship, etc.

Sometimes as humans, we will fall in love, and that doesn't work.

Other times, we are very connected to friendship, and that doesn't work.
And more than this, sometimes we are in spiritual love with someone who we had faith.

All that are emotional aspects.

And the most know is the Love relationship between two people.

People think love is something like that nice fairy tales, meet one and be happy forever.

But life shows there are more than this and is easy to find millions of fantasy or poetic opinions about it.

Love is the main Universe Power, in practice, this energy is the source of the entire universe we know.

So human beings will find many ways of Love acting.

The Love of parents and their children.
The love between brothers and friends.
The Love of Nature.
The Love of God as you perceive Him.

And the Love two people have as partners, lovers. LOL...

Ok, just to remember most of the time people think Love means only a couple relationship.

So, to make it easy, what I will post now is almost the same in all those areas Ok?

My background about:

Too often we see therapeutics talking like they are something the best of all, the very Oooba-boobaa of the perfection with incredible successful lives. Most of the time we found they are not.
I started too early by my own effort to be conscious I'm not a super-hero, nor a super-scholar, nor a super-fashion-style-guy.
I'm only myself.
I have the same problems any normal people have, like love, sex, money, spirituality, bills to pay, a normal life.

Be sure I have suffered at the most extreme levels due to some ex-girlfriend, or an ex-friend, or someone I had admiration in any area, friends, and also including at spirituality, etc.

To be clear, I know what means to cry with the most strong pain in my body due to someone for a long time while I was trying to discover what to do. And this was more than once and for different reasons as in these areas.

Like any other text about the human life area, I have written for three decades I write about my own experience.
This is what I do. I'm not a scholar, no matter how much I study.
I like to say I'm a practitioner in magic, no matter how many studies I have about, and what I have to talk to people is about my own path and what I learned from others too. I say, just live personal experience.
I'm glad for the nice scholars who have the patience to collect all those materials and make it easier for all the other ones who are serious about learning and doing the needed work. They are priceless. So please, valuate your good authors, they do what few can do.

Love is Wonderful. 

And a couple Love is the main inspiration for most books, music, inventions, whatever.
And to be in Love is just to be near Heaven in life.
Plus all those nice aspects like home, family, support at personal goals, friendship, etc.

But sometimes that does not last forever.

Someday people will learn some relationships that happen just for mutual learning.
I say, many relationships have just a reason to exist.

And the reason is mutual evolution.

But for sure, not all times we get that. Myself included (I'm a human, Ok?)

So may happens love can become a big pain. And I know it.

Some will fight to keep a comfort zone until all that has to be finished.

Love is not a game. Dot.

Be sure to finish can be very easy even for real Love.

Uhm, sorry, to say better, it appears to be easy.
This is what most self-help authors and a lot of fluffy people don't tell you.

I was into that area too, so and I learned a lot at newage in the 80-90s and a lot more from the many spiritual areas I was in these decades. Including the fluffy mystics.

Sorry, I was there, I did that too! LOL...

It's not cheap practice. Need a big self-Love to solve that. Self-love question.

And for most self-help authors this does not sell books. LOL...

So let's see in a wide way.

The following is a schematic of what I learned and observed happens.

To understand better, let's see how Love works in the experience I had and collected and experienced.

Look at the previous draw.

When you enter a Love state, that is like a closed circle.
That is an entirely new realm.
There is a realm related only to yourself, where experience Love.

To be clear, in a couple, each one has his/her own circle. That's not a prison where both stay.

So the way how each one will leave that area is different.

So observe I pointed out three different exit door:
1) The No Love Direct Exit Door. This is simple. The person was never in Love, just had a nice time, but never had entered the Love realm. They just walk around for a time and leave.
2) The Exit by Pain Door. Accepting the pain and going into the center, to the other exit door.
3) The Exit By Love Door, when you free the other and let him/her go just by Love. (remember, true Love is freedom).

1) The No Love Direct Exit Door

The first is easy to get. The person just has some fun but never experienced Love.
Was just fun and is easy to let it behind.
In practice, the person never entered a Love realm.
This is why too often we talk with someone who does not understand why the other just left so easy.

But the following two other doors, are a personal experience.
See, if you are inside the circle, it's your circle. The other never had such one.


As I told you, each one in a relationship has his/her own realm, a personal circle. Both will share experiences, but each one still is unique about that.
To make it simple, let's continue talking about just one circle, but this for sure applies to each one accordingly to each one level of consciousness.

Be clear: Only you can work in your circle. You can't live another life. Your feelings and thoughts are your only.

While you are in that love realm, observe there are many levels, many experiences, as human life happens so we will experience all that.

This is what I draw that line moving all areas, as an example of how people act during the relationship and even after that.

We'll be moving from the high Love feelings level to the comfortable areas, where everything is Ok.
But when troubles happen, some will work to solve them and climb again to the high levels.
A desirable level at most is the "comfortable level" and up. Things are Ok, no dramas, just moving daily to care how much to do more or not. That's is more like being friends, but still Ok.

But others will just accept the accommodation level.  That is when there are a lot of problems, just one or both chose to do nothing and accept to live a boring sad life. Some become near zombies. How many relationships we see this way around?

So even nice people sometimes will be caught at a very boring accommodation level. They forgot to care about their relationships. No watering, no care, nothing. There's nothing to make about as this only happens from inside.
If one does not want, sorry, the other can't do it by him.

And this how so many relationships are working around the world.

This is the meaning of the lines in the previous draw.

2) The Exit by Pain Door

Sometimes things go worse. And everything is falling.

And some people will do anything to avoid the pain exit door. They will have a long time of suffering, never doing a serious move to change that.

Remember the lines, when love finished, only suffering happens and people still refuse to let that realm.
The sad result is something like this:

All that became sadness, a hell in life and still people refuse to get the exit door due to fear of the suffering they already have!
Note here the Exit goes to a nice garden with a new path.

When It is Finished Get the Main Exit Door

Someday people realize love has gone and need to move on.

And how to go for it?

The most direct is to grown, become mature.
Emotions are strong, but still, you must be in control.

So the best of all is to move to the Pain Exit Door.

The Pain Exit Door is where strong suffering may happen.

In practice, not exactly suffering.
I like to call it "Pain Door",  but it's not always so.


The Pain Exit door is reached only when you choose to feel really deep all the Love and find that you need to have the final cry. It's the burning of all the remaining feelings.

It can be the most painful point just because is hard to accept it.
The mind doesn't accept it.

But again, that will be really such a stronger pain?

To be sincere, NO!

Be sure, what real pain is to stay in the accommodation area, avoiding the pain.
That pain will be like a stick, but only once.
Sometimes you need to go to a doctor and receive medicine too. Many people dislike it, but it's needed.

What you have to do is choose the risk of the change.
This is the final decision.

Is the moment you really say to yourself it's time to move on!

It's the time when you learn you have to Love yourself first, to have a live, self-steam.

When you enter there, you will discover that door is like a Fire exit.
And as I told you, going into that door means you will be recalling all the Love you had, but for the last time.
That will be the final cry, the final suffering.
Like a Fire.

And that fire will free you.

So for such cases, cry all you can if you feel so, but accept and enter at that door.
The day you do this, you won't look back.

For sure, is nice to keep the good rememberings, but once you cut the love aspect, that will be just part of your life experience. Nice times, nothing more.

3) The Exit By Love Door

What is leave a relationship with Love?

Another popular quote: true love frees.

Sometimes we meet someone who has a mission, something to do.

So we have to free him/her to follow the path.

The Lie about Twin Souls 

This is something a lot of romantic people had. About someone, the only one in the universe who is your perfect match.
Sorry, it's not so.

I don't mind what idea of a God you have. So think with me: may such a Powerful God be so cruel to make just only one person who is related to you on this entire planet?

There are hundreds and even thousands of twin souls to each human being on the planet.
Maybe you live in a very small village with few people. But just go to another place and fast you will discover how many more people are ready to meet with you!
Just to think, there are more than 2.5 million cities in the world. I'm sure you will find true love in most of them if you stay there for a time.
Uhm? So forget that stupid idea about just only one person in the entire world. That is a sin story created to make people have fear to love and keep at stagnation level.

Few people get what really twin souls are.

A twin soul is someone who has very similar levels of evolution and consciousness to you.

So most probably, the same way as you, he or she will also have goals in life.

For people in a simple life, that often is not a problem as the goals are more basic.

But the most you have evolution, self-development, and more at spiritual areas, such goals become really big to deal, long time tasks that will affect even the entire planet.

So how to match two people with so important works to do? Uhm?

Each one has too much to do so is near impossible they stay together except for concise moments, and that is not a relationship.

So here is a nice example, as when two real twin souls meet each other, the world appears to explode around in light and blessing shared with everyone.

When there's a real twin soul match, that is a giant event.

But they can't stay together, each one has a path.
So they give thanks to each other and leave the other free.

For life, both will know where the other is, but they know can't be together and will fully Love each other.

See here a complete different Exit Door at the center:

Still, the exit is at the center.
Is the same previous door at the center, but there's no pain.

Still, the center is the point of maximum Love.

This is what really happens when True Love frees the other.

They go at maximum Love level and become free to follow.

About Using Magic to Disconnect Emotionally From Someone

Is this possible?

Well, I may say yes and no.

Take the idea from the first circle. To disconnect what you need is to become conscious about what is happening, become more mature, and grow.
Once you got conscious that Exit Door will be or not of pain.

The same way magic can't create true Love, I think for now is not really possible to destroy a Love.

What is possible is to help the process about how to deal with that circle realm.

So the main aspect is to bring Light to the situation. Bring light inside your mind and make thoughts clear.

Or conjure Arcangel Anael (Haniel), from Venus's sphere and ask him to bring harmony and restore inner peace. Remember an angel will even put a lot of light onto it to make things clear so you can learn (if you are a stubborn one). Other times, the process will be easier for sure.

But even Light can be hard to deal with.

So, many works will put light on the situation, so you see what is really happening.

But many people won't like what they see, sorry.

Anyway, some suggestions:

Water to clean up your emotional bodies

A nice and simple shamanic approach is to drink water. I say to drink some 6-8 liters a day for some two weeks and then come back to a normal level (2-3 liters a day). Have one week to rest and do it again.
Water is related to emotions, so the first idea is to "wash" your feelings. The second idea is water is a kind of light, so you will put a light inside yourself to banish the dark aspects.

The cleanup by fire

This is something I have done using my witch cauldron to burn connections and any dark energies related to the person.
There are relations where links become very stronger and this is a way to work out it.
Also, the fire will bring light to the situation.
For sure I can't teach how I do this, not because is my job, just need magic practice to deal with the spirits being called for that.

But, you can do very simple work by yourself, and this is already is very popular.
Just make a fire, it can be simple as a candle or a bonfire. Do not call any spirit. Is just you and the cleansing power of fire.
Write the name of the person on a paper. In another paper write the feelings you do not want anymore in your life because of that person. You can add photos or personal objects of the person to remove that forever from your life. Take that in your hands, look it for the last time and throw it into the fire saying "Goodbye!" Make this your last goodbye.

Chakra Workings

If you already have worked for years with Chakra working techniques, there are some to help.

One is Atisha’s Heart Meditation. The idea is to use it with a minor change. The technique works to bring consciousness and change your mood.
Bring your awareness to your heart chakra.
(Here the change) With each in-breath, breathe all YOUR OWN suffering.
The heart chakra is a big fire of Love that will transmute that suffering into the light.
So with each out-breath, breathe out love and compassion.
Get this? Use your own heart fire to burn all the suffering into Universal Love energy.

Secondary effects are you may bring more light into the previous love you want to forget and will cry really a lot. On another side, this may help you to make the decision to go to the Pain Exit Door and become free.
This is a general all aspects transmutation meditation anyway.

Crystal Workings

Crystals are the pure energy of nature. They will help to clean up your energy. A decent size crystal is needed, so forget that cheap 0.5" size ones. I say big crystals or some with that rare extreme pure quality (usually 10x the price of others). A decent size Ruby can be useful due to its power on self-steam.
For sure, some common size crystals will work too. Something like a hand size is Ok to have near during your meditation works.

Working with Angelic or Demons Magic

Angels show what is happening and work to make you learn what you need to learn.
Again, light over the events so you can choose and make the move to leave that bad situation.

Many demons are just angels with another name or ancient deities. Just they may show what's happening, but some will help more to break the connection creating or just showing something to make the break happens.

Citing Jake Stratton-Kent: "a spirit good for creating a relationship may well help get over one too. With conjure magic looking sideways at the spirit's abilities is a useful knack."

What I think about most of the time, will help to bring light to the relationship so your mind will have the needed to make the choice and finish that.

Calming the mind

There are ways to make the mind calm. Even forgetting for a time and this can become a needed rest.

See, there are some works like a freeze spell to make someone "forget" something for a time.
This way, anything that still exists may go forgotten for a needed time.

The better of all

Be sure, until now the best I found is to know someone you have an interest in and have a new relationship.
Even a friend with who you become intimate.
Yes, friends have sex too or just have nice caress together.  Even a good friend for fond kisses will do wonders for your heart chakra cleanup.

This does not mean a new love, just someone you like to be with, and this way, nature does her work cleaning up your soul.



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