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domingo, 9 de julho de 2017

Funny Ritual Result Coincidence and an Important Remembering

Funny Ritual Result Coincidence and an Important Remembering

Few days ago I was rereading some material about the kind of results people will receive working with the Goetia, but also with other spirits including angels.

I will comment about what we get many times is not the only one result, but the possibility to accept it or not. To be clear, is needed to evaluate how the operation is going to avoid fake results or something that won't be desirable.

Most often, magic, and not only daemons will work using the short path. This means they will even find something that is the more accurate to the "original phrase" we used when commanding them for some work.

The classical example is asking for money and they present a job to you. This is clear the most simple but true result someone can expect as a very positive result. They will not make rain money over your head, sorry, this is a simple nature law.
To get a job in no ways means to accept the first, as is needed to be professional and work for a decent job for sure as possible. So using magic to find a new job is not just to get the first, but to improve the process in the same way the person also need to do his/her part and to learn better job searching methods like the ones Liz Ryan suggest at her column at Forbes.

Some may even help you to find a great treasure but, its inside a army base so you can't enter there. Or is needed to climb a peak. Some interesting examples John R. King IV cited in some of if very good relates at ImperialArts and his books. Such examples are very good to show how possibilites may come, but still human work is needed.

And some of such treasures may be not so big, but just good buys to save some bucks at your local store. Think on this in a wide time lapse. A simple example, just the buy of home itens and food. I found a local market near my home, and there I discovered some itens I use more cost usually some 20%-30% less. Plus some bargains I found here and there and be sure the spirits who help to find treasures are many times after that. How much this is in a year? Uhm?
A good way to make money also means to do a good use of the money you have. I'm not talking about being petty, but just better to use the money you have. And this includes for sure to pay more, but for good quality itens that will last more. Quality itens, not just fashion, like clothes use to cost more, but they will have a longer lifetime too. As a personal example, the shoes I get cost 2x-3x more than the popular ones, but they are very confortable since the first time and longer a lot more than the others. A good buy that save a lot of money for sure. Spirits will help you to that too, like the Venus ones, just ask them to teach you to learn more about quality. 
Mercury spirits will help you to make fast business (not to be rich, but moving), and to learn more about your areas of expertize. The Venus spirits will teach you how to do make a better work, I say, to increase the quality of your works so people will valuate it more and get better results. Even a better sell value. Just think about the idea of asking to such spirits for better "creative inspiration" for whatever area you are, to make better, with quality.

Other kind of results are of different quality and not always good. And here daemons are more popular about this aspects. While angels usually try to make people learn to develop themselves, daemons may explore both the light and dark side and present even challenges to people choose. Be sure many angels do this too.

That are the "not so good" results. In the case, results that are even the opposite of the asked. A recent example was someone on need of some higher value due personal concerns. Some time later he found the bank released a credit card with the same value to use. In practice that was not a job, nor a client nor some work opportunity. That was not "new" money incoming, but just a debt. this is the kind of not so good result I'm talking. I had such things happening to me too in the past (so I was really being cheated) so I learned in the hard way. It may solve at an instant a need, but create more troubles than before.
Daemons, angels, planetary spirits, african tradition spirits, etc. many of them will do it.

In such cases is needed to think if the result is proper and accept it, or not.

A proper procedure in such cases is to do a new reading and even to do a new ritual to call the spirit again for a clear talk about the resulting event, evaluate the possibilities, the pros and cons, and this way to think if that is acceptable or not.

Is important to remember the "lust for results". We comment about it often. When in times of need, or just lust, people may get the first opportunity and forgot to evaluate if that is proper or not. Many times there are best solutions just working a bit more. And others no.
Be sex or money, business of a health problem, whatever area have different aspects and possibiities to deal.

Observe this is very different of expecting a lover jump over your door wanting fantastic crazy sex because some ritual was done. No. this is not so. Sex and love, still means to let the room, go to public places, meet people and make good use of the opportunities. If is a new job, you have to go to the company and do your work to keep the job.

A very funny coincidence was this one. I did a prosperity ritual, and as usual, after the work I went to do some home work, this is always good to ground yourself again while disconnect of the entire process. So I had care of my dogs, prepared some food and have a time to myself.
Then I went to the computer and this spam message was there, despite all anti-spam resouces I use:
Yes, is that very popular scam criminals use trying to bill some money so they will "give" you all that money. If they do this until today is just because sometimes they found someone to caught this way.

This made me laught a lot and think if was a joke from the spirit I called. No it wan't, but gave me some ideas to remember anyway.

It is a very good example about some results people get and accept at first and later claim about what they got. 

Magic results does not means to be final. Even when they appears to be very good. 
I had some fantastical proposals that even soo good, made my guts jump at once, so I went more information and found that was too much good to be true. Others was even good, but forcing for some kind of compromise of myself.  Another example was an offer to publish a serious material I have, just 5% about was published before at the Ritual Offerings book. It was very interesting and serious, something like a contract for even 100.000 books selling garanteed at start, plus public chats nationwide. Instant money and richness. But the following was trying me to left my spiritual area to become a bishop at some church. What? Plus all my spirtual background I'm also already a former minister at ULC, but they just wanted me to left all my spiritual life to accept their proposal. NO WAY!!! And yes, there was some spirits working on it too for a long time, despite being a different area, as that spirits don't pay too much about that. Just to note, in my country a lot of most famous churches in practice use magic and ATR (African Traditional Religions) mixes for example. Be sure many of such temples and churches think I'm a nice add to their group. But this have nothing with my own spiritual goals.

As commented, results need evaluation, observe what happened, do another reading and even call the spirits again. 
And observe your gut feelings. 

No need to try everything

Magic is very wide and there are many ways to make something, but for sure not to be stupid and just try all spirits because something does not worked the way wanted. 
Despite many areas for working, is needed to observe what is happening and what may or not be different so, is not just "try all", but to use a method to deal with the real possibilities. 
There are many tasks we got that may have some possibilities, and this can be worked in a few ways to observe the results and reach a conclusion if something else is proper or not. 
When something does not work, there are a lot of reasons, and most for newbies. This need a long study and practice time to start some results and that will improve with the years of work. 

And some tasks won't result in no way. Even if at start there are possibilities to try. 
But nobody can assure results in magic, there are too many events happening too. I cited this in a previous post too. 

So remember: when results start some may not be exactly the needed and this means evaluation. 
Use the best results you get, learn with them and this will always be a gain someway. 

And for sure, do not reply to some internet scammer offering $ millions so easy.


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