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quinta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2017

A Consultation For An Adventure. The Three Cards Tarot Reading.

I love how Hagar and Eddie appears happy at this image.
Copyright to Dik Browne and King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Hagar is one of my favorites.

He is not that typical hero.
He is just a normal man, but already he is the leader of his group and a proud Viking.

Well, he is not exactly that kind of "normal" man.
He goes into other lands, have fights and even against dragons.

And more, he is a loved husband with a wife, a daughter and a son, each one with their own aspects and interests to deal with.

Everyone who have a family knows this is already a lot of compromises to deal with.

Just think about Elga, his beloved wife. She is not just caring about home.
For sure no! Elga knows her husband is a warrrior and watch for him the same way about her children.

When Hagar himself goes to get a reading, there's more than the funny or just curious aspect.

At our lives sometimes we need the opinion from others about what we are doing and to check our steps.

This is a reason for the readings for an adventure.
What are the possibilities, the choices and options to deal with, what is behind that, some to learn, etc.

With the Tarot, there's a popular reading scheme using just three cards for such things.
This will vary a bit for each case.
The most popular assignments to each card at the triple scheme are:
Past, present, future.
Situation, Current events, Outcome.
The adventure, how to deal, what probably coming.

These are just some basic patterns, but the one doing the reading may be able to deal with that as a phrase or a full block of ideas to work more. 

So what to expect?
First, to understand what is the current environment. What is the reason, how you was before trying your attempt? What happened in the past? What is the reason for the reading?
Second, is the process to deal with it. How to work, what to observe or is needed to learn. Or the current events and the need to learn more about.

Finally at third position, some possible results or what is the possible environment or challenges coming.

Simple? Uhm, not just so.

Here is why I explore more at my readings and a reason I do a lot more in my work, not just the basics. I can't be quiet when there's more to say. Sometimes I can only suggest something more, for sure I won't be stupid for that kind of opportunist clients. And sorry, I have to cite such ones who pretend I enter into a war for free.

For each card and position we find lots of possibilities to explore and learn about life and all the background related to each case.
So at first position, why such events happened? Was that a reason to start with such doubt or there are something hidden to discover?

The next position talks about how to deal, or how things are moving. In no ways means people have to become static. No! This is the action time. This is when people will be acting to explore, develop, learning and even changing any possible outcome.
Here I will explore more, to see whats happening, what is unseen, what is needed to learn. 

Then, the next card, the third, means what is possible to happens only and only if the person does nothing to change that. So, that is not a garantee for some possible future, but what energies are ready to receive the current events.

For another point of view, sometimes the third card is not pointing for some "future events".  I say at some cases the third card is a resource tool, to show where to point our resources and work. a goal to work after.

And again, I will be exploring more about what such goal means and back to the first card, how that is related to the person. Here a reason a like to make a more complete reading observing the numerology aspects.
Any reading watching for future events (in my opinion) may observe what is the person's main goal in life. An d this is very related to the numerology study I will do only once since the first reading, and such information is for an entire life.

We can get direct information even from a simple one or a three cards reading, or whatever method.
The most important is the client to get all needed information as possible.


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