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segunda-feira, 31 de maio de 2021

Protection Magick and Spiritual Empowerment with the 72 Angels of God - English edition

English version now available!

My new text is now available for free download on Angelic prayer rituals:

"Protection Magick and Spiritual Empowerment with the 72 Angels of God" 

Bringing protection into your life doesn't just mean defending yourself from problems, but strengthening your life to avoid something that could cause you problems.

The Shem ha-Mephorash is the set of 72 names of God and from there we have 72 angels that radiate the many forces of the highest to each human area.

In Brazil, they received the nickname "Cabalistic Angels".

The 72 angels help people in many practical aspects of all areas of life.

As well as other works published by me, here I present a powerful prayer elaborated from the old classic grimoires and that can be made by anyone and, also, highly dedicated to the most advanced students and magicians who will find in this work a valuable aid when dealing with the operation of High Ceremonial Magic and also when they need to reinforce rituals or protection against the most diverse types of magic attacks.

We will have some main areas to be mentioned that this prayer will help a lot:

  • Overall, protection and spiritual strengthening.
  • To strengthen your spirit and your life.
  • When you are spiritually tired.
  • Have more strength against spiritual and magic attacks.
  • Protection against obsessive spirits and negative energies that can occur without human interference, as they are intrusive entities.
  • Have angelic help in all areas of your life, family, health, love, work, spirituality, prosperity, business.
  • Protection against the most diverse types of magic attacks, be it Goetia, spirits of African matrix, witchcraft, etc.
  • Seek wisdom.
  • Protection and support of the just.
  • Empowering magic rituals.

My thanks to Gabriel Bürkle for the translation work.

Click below to download the PDF:


May 2021

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