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quinta-feira, 28 de março de 2024

The Angelic Magick of Raphael The Great Angel of Health - English Edition

  Clique aqui para a versão em Português.

Initial note:

Article (Portuguese text): I do not offer courses, I do not accept students, apprentices, etc. and I don't even do mentoring.

Don't send me messages asking for "tips", much less "recipes" for spells or rituals.

People quickly discover that it is not that easy. And some even charge us for their results (or lack thereof) which is very frustrating for us.

English edition now available!

My full thanks to our beloved colleague Omnis Validus from StudioArcanis, the biggest international Ceremonial Magick forum, for the work of translation. 

We thank our readers, there are already more than 10,000 copies of this book distributed to help families in so many countries and pets, wild creatures, and plants because Raphael helps everyone.

My book is available for free download:

"The Angelic Magick of Raphael The Great Angel of Health."

The name Raphael means “Healing of God”, he is the great angel of health and protects the sick and everyone who works to ensure the health of others, hence he is also the patron saint of all healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, and their teams, etc.

In the Catholic Church he is called Saint Raphael the Archangel.

This work was created with the intention of helping people who seek the help of angels to protect their health and also to help those who are undergoing any treatment and seek spiritual assistance. But also, through the aspect of protecting paths, helping people to have a safer life journey.

Two versions of a powerful prayer to Archangel Raphael are presented and are intended for the general public without the need for further knowledge.

The first prayer is simpler and can be used at any time.

The other is a prayer ritual created from grimoires to conjure the power of the Most High and thus have more strength in prayer to the angel Raphael.

Click below to download the PDF:

"The Angelic Magick of Raphael The Great Angel of Health." 

March, 28, 2024

First edition - 25/03/2020



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